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as a client, for a client.

Your experience is our No.1 priority. We only do things that are beneficial to our customers, and improve our services as we were you. 

Change, we always want to make some changes. Although we might not be able to change others, we can do something starting from ourselves.  Our founders have been tattoo newbies when they got their first tattoos and faced many struggles, such as finding the price and unedited photos. So we keep questioning ourselves how can we make the life of someone new to tattooing easier, and be more responsible to customers? WE BELIEVE IN TRANSPARENCY.

Now the change comes. Here we listed all the information you may need and cannot find anywhere else.

We know perfectly that publishing our price will put us in a vulnerable position, someone may say that they can do the same thing for a cheaper price. But we don't care, we know we are not the cheapest, and our customers are not the ones who seek for the cheapest service too. What you get at Thermal Ink is a valuable piece of work, done with the spirit of craftsman.


You get what you see! Our photos are taken by a professional camera. Most are straight out of camera, some are adjusted with lightning only. No digital filters, no color adjustments or any other corrections done by photoshop or other software.


Consultation is FREE at Thermal Ink, no upfront fee or deposit needed. Feel free to contact and book a consultation with your favorite artist. You have all the right to talk to us before getting your tattoos.


You can contact our artists directly via instagram. If you don't get response for long time or you don't know/mind who you should go with, you can call us or send us a contact form and let the shop helps with your booking.


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