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Explore your life in Montreal as a tattoo artist.



Resident Artist:

We offer the industry-leading commission rate to our resident artists and the most flexible schedule you can imagine. If you are an experienced tattoo artist, looking for a resident spot in a quiet and cozy environment, working with a group of talented and elegant people, you could be a part of us. Our store is located in Old Port Montreal, 3 munites walk from metro station Place d'Arme and surrounded by many indoor and outdoor parking lots. Please send your CV with a picture of yourself and your portfolio to (only job inquires will be seen and replied via this email)


Guest Artist:

Our shop is open to talented artists all over the world, if you or your shop has a plan of traveling to Montreal, we will be happy to host you as guest artists during your stay. Our shop is located in the heart of Old Montreal, the most iconic area of the city. 2 munites walk from metro station Place d'Arme and is surrounded by many amazing attractions and food. For more information please send your portfolio, your schedule, and your social media account info to (only job inquires will be seen and replied via this email) You will have an unforgettable trip here.

We are not looking for any apprentices without tattoo experience for now, related inquires will NOT be replied. Thanks.


Our Story

Thermal Ink is the first Asian-owned tattoo studio founded by 3 young Asian immigrants in 2015 and officially launched in 2019, one had 20 years of oil painting and drawing background with a BFA diploma. With a systematically educated painter founder, understanding and respect for the artists are in the blood of Thermal Ink. Of course, we have a much higher requirement for our artists. 

During the Covid pandemic, our name was widely spread due to our high-quality works and unique art style. Since 2019, we have inspired many other Asian artists to start their careers as tattoo artists and many clients of ours now own their tattoo studios.

From refused tattoo apprentice, self-taught tattoo artists to now, one of the biggest tattoo shops in the city, our success is all about making our artists a better life, and our clients' smiley faces.

We hope this story could continue, with all the passion for the tattoo community and love for our customers. This story, let's write together...

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