At Thermal Ink, our team gets all the styles you like covered. Discover your favorite tattoo style here.

japanese tattoo


Japanese style is one of our signature styles. Our Japanese-style tattoos are known as one of the best in town since day one.


Fine line tattoos are one of the most trendy styles today. Our fine line specialist has been practicing and improving every single detail for years and brought them to the top level in the industry.

fineline tattoo
anime tattoo


One of the most popular Asian culture-inspired tattoo styles. As the first and the biggest Asian-inspired tattoo shop, there are no better places to get it.


Our Chinese artists brought this style from China to Montreal. One of our signature styles, you can't find it anywhere else.

chinese tattoo
traditional tattoo


Traditional tattoos are made to last. We make perfect lines, shading, and color, you will get your timeless piece of traditional tattoo here.


Imagination and creativity are the keys to this style. We can turn anything you like into a colorful tattoo.

new school tattoo
calligraphy tattoo


We have been practicing Chinese calligraphy since a very young age. Knowing the language is important, we can not only translate the meaning you want precisely, but also create beautiful calligraphy that fits your body.


We use the smallest needles to make the finest details. Micro realism tattoos are the most delicate ornament to your body.

micro realism tattoo
geometric tattoo


Our geometric style specialist decorates your body with the most refined patterns that fit your shape perfectly.