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The title Thermal Ink Artist means a lot to us. Our success is supported by the effort of every single person below, they are the heroes. We know that everyone is responsible for the reputation of this shop, so we have a very strict yearly artist evaluation and make sure every single artist is able to carry out our standards. Check their portfolio and see who fits your taste the most and don't hesitate to book with them. Our clients are all we care about, you won't go wrong with anyone listed.

What do different titles of our artists mean?

Tattoo Apprentice: Tattoo apprentices are whom we think have the potential to be successful with tattooing but have not yet passed our skill test and general assessment to become tattoo artists. Tattoo apprentices are not necessarily taught by our shop. 

Resident Tattoo Artist: Who is totally independent and works in our shop on long-term bases. They have been approved for being able to provide high-quality work.

Partner Tattoo Artist: Tattoo Artists who worked with Thermal Ink for more than two years, with a concentration on self-improvement, outstanding customer service, and constant interaction and contribution to the company will be invited as our Partner Tattoo Artist. Artists who are in this category will receive all the best resources from the company and industry-leading benefits.

Artisan: Only artists who have worked with us for more than two years with ZERO proven customer complaint about their skills in the past 2 years will be awarded this badge, the highest honor in Thermal Ink! 

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